Comments from City Commissioner John Matta…

Read what we believe to be some very sound reasons from City Commissioner John Matta for his voting to repeal the discrimination ordinance. He presented these comments at the Commission meeting on May 3 before the ordinance was finally repealed on May 17. Click Here.

Discrimination Ordinance Officially Repealed…

On May 17, with a second vote of 3-2, the Manhattan City Commission officially repealed the discrimination ordinance. This is a wonderful victory and one that will help keep such legislation out of Manhattan for a while and give hope to other communities around Kansas and the U.S. facing similar legislation.

May we remember that this political “battle” has always been about fighting bad legislation but never about demeaning our LGBT neighbors. The command to love is only fulfilled in our daily dying to self and serving them, listening to them, befriending them, weeping with them, and standing up for them when they are bullied or harassed — all the while commending Christ as our only hope. As we have said from the beginning, they deserve equal dignity and respect as anyone. May we all continue to work together toward mutual understanding.

Commission Meeting on Tuesday, May 17…

The Manhattan City Commission will be meeting Tuesday, May 17, at 7:00 PM in City Hall to vote to officially repeal the discrimination ordinance. After last meeting’s 3-2 vote to repeal the ordinance, the Commission must vote a second time before the repeal officially takes effect. Please plan to attend to show your support of the commissioners seeking to repeal it.

New to the Issue?

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